Winters ‘IT’ Accessory

June 5, 2024

As written for On The Coast Families

Every season there is always a new “IT” accessory and this Winter feminine fashion has taken on a masculine edge in the accessory department with the new season necktie.

Ties this season have a twist! Gone are the days of channeling Avril Lavigne and wearing your dad’s old business tie, this season the necktie is anything but ordinary and understated.

For Winter ’24 the necktie is a style statement of it’s own, ranging from oversized bows for a truly feminine touch, to a beaded business like tie for a dramatic look and Victorian inspired, bejewelled bowsto add an air of elegance and regality to your blouses and coats. 

How To Wear The Necktie

As the necktie has a lot of focus in the upper torso, the style, size and length of tie can vary depending on your body balance. If you’ve had a VC Body Analysis, refer to the “Accessories” tab in your Body Report. However, if you haven’t had a Body Analysis, below we have given a few (very) generic styling tips to help you pick the perfect tie for your overall body balance.

Short Torso/Longer Lower Body:

Opt for a longer length focus to elongate the torso. For example, ties or bows with long tails and detail or embellishments in the lower half of the tie will draw the eye further down your torso creating the illusion of length in your upper body.

Long Torso/Shorter Lower Body:

Opt for shorter to mid length ties and bows as this will draw the focus to the upper body therefore elongating the lower body focus. For example, ornate Victorian bows, over sized bows and short business-like ties that finish above the belly button are best.

Even Upper & Lower Body Balance:

You need to un-even your body balance; so a great tip for oversized or Victorian inspired bows is to finish each tail at different lengths to ensure there are multiple focal points. As a general rule, tie lengths are best to finish above or below the belly button to create either length in the upper or lower body.

Style Tips

– To enjoy this glamorous twist on masculine styling for casual wear TRY: a pair of jeans, tee, relaxed blazer and loafer with a necktie of your choice.

– If a traditional tie or bow is not your accessory choice TRY: wearing a long, skinny scarf around your neck and knotting it in the centre to give the illusion of a tie

– Treat the necktie as a statement necklace and update your wardrobe staples with this season’s new “IT” accessory.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x