Winter Weekend Wardrobing

June 1, 2023

(As Written for On The Coast Families)

Coastal weekend dressing often means jeans and a knit jumper for many people due to the warmth, comfort and casual ease. However, what about those days when you want to step up your style, still look “coastal appropriate” and not too OTT (over the top).

Many clients voice the concerns of wanting to dress up but feeling too over the top for the coastal lifestyle many of us live. Below we have shared with you a few things to try to step up your Winter weekend wardrobe ensuring you look appropriate yet stylish!


  • Layering a long sleeve top under a pair of overalls
  • Switching out a plain cardigan for a patterned one
  • A poncho or vest for added layers and interest
  • “Casual Chic” with denim jeans and boyfriend blazer over a lace top
  • Adding accessories such as a neckerchief (aka neck tie), funky cap, festival hat, fedora or beret for added interest and a pop of colour injected into your outfit
  • Denim jeans with patchwork or metallic finishes
  • Switching out a sneaker for a man style loafer or cowboy boot
  • Light layers, so you can undress as the day warms up i.e tee, thin knit cardigan, trench coat
  • A long sleeve dress or layering a top under a pinafore dress

Remember, as Sam always says ”you can never be over dressed, only inappropriately dressed”. This Winter, #DressUpItFeelsGood, wear things that depict your style, are appropriate for the situation and make you feel confident, comfortable and cozy.

You only live once, why not make it a stylish life!

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods xx