The Neutral You Need Now

July 21, 2022

Boots are a winter essential and neutrals are always in fashion however, this season there is a neutral you need now to update your entire wardrobe in an instant…

The Neutral Boot!

This season neutral boots are an understated, statement boot. Meaning that they can add a punch to your outfit and at the same time compliment an already stylish look.

The beauty of a neutral boot this season is you can amp up your style and push your “fashion boundaries” with a statement piece as the colour is understated.

A few key boots trending this season in Neutral to try are:

The Combat Boot for a hard edge feel

The Knee or Thigh High Boot for a sleek, dramatic look

The Slip On Ankle Boot for an elegant touch to take you from day to dark

Our clients who are over 50 can often steer clear from statement boots (especially the combat boot) as they feel it is “too young” or will make them look like “mutton dressed as lamb”.

This is not true!

In fact it is quite the opposite…modern footwear can help keep your style fresh and youthful in a good way, and as long as you are staying true to your personal style and wearing shapes that flatter you then wearing trends and fashionable items have NO USE BY DATE!

For example; Sam (pictured) is 55 and defines her style as: Modern, Classic and Dramatic therefore, leather pants and combat boots worn back with a classic style check jacket is more than age acceptable!

Pictured are some modern takes on classic neutral boots for the season ahead.

Shoes featured: Wittner, Betts, Spendless, Sandler

So when you go shoe shopping this Winter, don’t underestimate the power of a “barely there” coloured boot.

Happy days being “nude’! 🙂
Sam & Jordi xx