Swimwear Styling For Your Silhouette

November 4, 2022

(Written for On The Coast Over 55’s)

The thought of bearing the bod when it comes to beach days can be daunting for many. However, to fully enjoy our beautiful coastal lifestyle and spend warm days by the pool or oceanside wearing less attire does need to be considered. As Stylists we want everyone to embrace the fun memories that can be made in Summer with confidence and without feeling self conscious of how they look.

Helping clients shop for swimwear is something we do a lot this time of the year. Below we have addressed the most common concerns and provided you with styling tips and swimwear shapes to look for to ensure you feel confident in your swimmers whether you are; doing laps, lounging around pool side or joining the grandchildren in a splash about.

Silhouette Concern : Fuller mid section and conscious of tummy.

Silhouette Styling : Create the illusion of shape to the mid body with a cross over, ruched or wrap around one piece style swimsuit. If a two piece if preferred opt for a mid to high rise bikini bottom paired back with a tankini top that flatters your upper torso.

Silhouette Concern : Fuller in the lower body i.e hip, bottom, thighs.

Silhouette Styling : Opt for swimwear tops that sit off the shoulder, have shoulder ruffles or deep V’s as these will add width to the shoulders balancing out the fuller lower body. Also opt for higher cut bikini bottoms as these will draw the eye away from the widest part of the hip/thigh.

Silhouette Concern : Fuller bust.

Silhouette Styling : Avoid adding additional bulk to the bust area with swimwear tops that have ruffles across the bust. Invest in a swimwear top that gives support, holds you firmly and is comfortable on the shoulders and across the back. Avoid high necklines rather opting for a v neck, scoop or square feature.

Silhouette Concern : Small waist but fuller lower abdomen.

Silhouette Styling : High waisted swimmer bottoms or one pieces with the centre mid section cut out are ideal as they will contour the lower abdomen and show off the small waist.

A few additional swimwear shapes and cover ups to try are:

  • Rash Vest – great for added support when moving around – not just lounging is required. You can also layer your rash vest over your existing swimsuit when you are ready for some water sports and a little more support is needed in the “booby” area. A rash vest will also provide additional sun protection.
  • Swim Shorts – ideal for those who are conscious of their bottom and tummy as it provides a more flattering coverage.
  • Linen Shirtdress – fabulous for when you are going to and from your swim spot and want a versatile cover up that isn’t a kaftan. The shirt dress can be worn buttoned up or relaxed and open creating different looks. The shirtdress is the new Summer holiday “must have” as it can be dressed up or down with different footwear and accessories.
  • Relaxed Linen Pants/Shorts or See Thru Pants – if your lower body is your area of concern wearing a light weight pant/short over your swimmers is a great way to cover up, feel cool and be confident while showing off your slim upper body. This season the “see thru” crotchet, mesh or chiffon pant is the latest “resort ready” fashion styling item.
  • T-Shirt Dress – if your mid body is your area of concern, the t-shirt dress is a great way to conceal your tummy and show off your legs.

When it comes to swimwear confidence we can give you the knowledge on what to wear, educate you on what is most flattering and show you how to co ordinate looks. However, learning to love yourself, accepting and being grateful for where you are, with what you have, are the best style tools you will ever own or know!

This summer, don’t sacrifice the joys of the water for fear of not being “good enough”… Put these styling techniques into practise, get yourself some swimwear you feel great in and enjoy what the coast and life has to offer.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x