Stylish Mum’s At Every Stage

April 27, 2023

(As written for On The Coast Families)

When you’re pregnant it can be so easy to opt for active wear day in, day out because it is stretchy, comfy and as a society it is quite accepted to spend the day in it. However, it doesn’t always leave one feeling stylish and for some it can be quite confronting having such tight fitting garments on an ever growing silhouette.

In light of Mother’s Day, we want to share a few tips, tricks, garments to try/buy and styling hacks to implement when you are pregnant that will take your wardrobe through all stages of pregnancy and post partum and leave you feeling modern, stylish and not “mummsy”.

Don’t think because you are becoming a mum, whether its for the first time or not, that you need to sacrifice your style and dress safe. On the flip side don’t sacrifice your style just because you can’t wear your regular clothes.

TIP: Always try to add in some element to your look that depicts your style. For example if you have a fun, quirky style add in a statement necklace (we could ask Tanzie if we could use her pic she posted wearing our necklace?) or some bright coloured sneakers. If your style is more modern and luxe try a crystal headband teamed with a tee, pull on jeans and a loafer shoe.

A Few Garments To Try/Buy:

  • Overalls are amazing as they have room and can be dressed up with a blazer on cool days and dressed down with a tank/tee on warmer days.
  • A Slip Dress is ideal as they are not waisted and can be layered. For example; wear with a tee underneath to create a pinafore look or layer a longline cardi or unstructured blazer over the top for when a little added warmth is needed.
  • Knit Stretch Pants are great as they can be worn above or below the belly and layered with a relaxed tee and oversized denim jacket for a real relaxed casual look that isn’t gym tights and a jumper.
  • Kimono or long line shirt dresses are fantastic as they can create the illusion on length in the torso and be layered over something f=more fitted without leaving you feeling too exposed.

TIP: If you are going to purchase clothes, invest in pieces that will grow with you such as a ribbed elasticated slip dress or look at vintage stores, on “Market Place” or hit up some friends who no longer need their maternity clothes.

If you find a garment that fits, is comfy and you love, get creative and dress it up/down for various occasions. Accessories will become your new best friend!!

  • A statement earring, glitzy clutch and ankle boot are perfect additions to your jeans and blouse for dinner at the pub.
  • A comfy sneaker, coloured cross body bag and bold necklace teamed back with the same jeans and blouse is a great alternative for a coffee date and groceries.

As each stage of pregnancy is so different and varies in size, try splitting your wardrobe into three stages of sizes. Once one stage no longer fits you, fold it away and focus on the next stage, this will minimise any frustrations and ensure you can get out the door quicker as you won’t have to try three pairs of pants on looking for one that fits.

For some, maternity dressing can be confronting as your body can change so vastly, if you struggle mentally, focus your styling on the areas you like i.e wrists – focus on bangles, décolletage – focus on necklaces, calves – opt for higher boots. Above all, be kind to yourself and acknowledge you are growing life inside you and focus your mindset on the positives in your life and things you like about your physical appearance – it will change you mind set instantaneously.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummas, expecting Mummas, Mummas who are no longer with us the and amazing Mother Figures.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods xx