Six Steps To Self Love

February 21, 2024

(As Written For On The Coast Families)

“Self love” is such a broad term… It can be how we feel about ourself, what we do for ourself, how we hold ourself, and the value we put on ourself. 

Self Love is defined as “a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.” [Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation]

We are here to tell you that there is an opportunity for EVERYONE to experience self love and learn how to make it part of your everyday life, no matter where your confidence and/or self value levels are currently at.

As Stylists and Image Coaches we have seen how the effect of self love can positively impact a person and simultaneously all of those around them. We are very much advocates for the belief that there is nothing selfish about self love and there is nothing vain about being confident in your own skin and how you choose to project yourself to the outside world.

Why do we stand by this?

Firstly, if you don’t love and care for yourself and take responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health why should you expect anyone else to? 

Secondly, you can’t give what you don’t have! By this we mean if your “cup is empty” or you are not filling yourself with “self love” then you don’t have as much to give to others. This is where humans can start to become exhausted both physically and mentally, resentful in some cases and generally projecting a less than loving vibe around them.

As Stylists the one thing, we wish (and hope we can help with), is that more people are able to gain the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace themselves wholeheartedly. Ultimately, we want everyone to acknowledge and accept they are worthy of self care, self love, self respect and self confidence.

We know everyone has their hang ups (we do too!) hence we have created this “Six Steps To Self Love” checklist for you to ensure you feel confident no matter your age, lifestyle, size, gender or budget.

These six steps can be adapted to everyone in the house hold, so why don’t you all start on a “self love” journey together as a family!?

Six Steps To Self Love.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to ANYONE, even who you USE TO BE. Live in the moment, accept where you are, what you have and only focus on you!
  1. Each morning wake up and say a positive affirmation to yourself. “Today I am thankful to my body for…..”, “5 things that make me *strong/brave/compassionate* are…..”, “2 things I like about my physical appearance are……”, “I am….. and today I am going to show up with confidence”. Create an affirmation that resonates with you and start your morning on a positive note.
  1. Discover your assets and energy colours and learn what to avoid. You can do the spiritual work, but sometimes you need the help of a stylist to compliment the mental work you are doing with wardrobe items and knowledge that enhance your natural beauty.
  1. Do one thing for yourself each week that is a luxury, you are worthy of it!! Whether it be a bath, reading a book, watching the sunrise, having a facial, a DIY pedicure. Gift yourself something that says “I love you and you deserve this”.
  1. Wear things that make you smile! Be it accessories, particular colours, nail polish, lip stick. Put something on, that lights you up.
  1. Be kind to yourself and know you won’t always feel amazing and that is okay too!

For those with a family try; sitting around the table and listing 2 things you like about each person. 

Be sure to not make the two things just physical compliments, it is so important for yourself and your children to feel that they amount to more than just their looks! This exercise can be made into a fun game where everyone will be ultimately empowering each other with their positive talk and loving compliments.

Special Note: Adults and influencing figures, be aware of how you speak to yourself about your body, your abilities and your personality traits. Those younger than us often learn by listening and mimicking what they see and hear and we want to be a positive role model to them.

Self Love Compliment Tip: If you have a little one, instead of saying “you look pretty” or “you look handsome”, try saying “you have a cool style”, “I love how you put that outfit together, it suits your personality” or “you look like you are having fun wearing that colour”.

Self love doesn’t have to be a huge declaration of “I love myself” but it does need to exist. So start by changing the conversation you have with yourself in your head and the words you say to yourself and those around you.

We hope this article helps you to be brave and love yourself unconditionally.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods xx