Shoe Styling – How To be Stylish, Sexy & Stable

March 10, 2023

(Written For On The Coast Over 55’s)

For many, the realisation that your sexy stilettos and impractical footwear can no longer be worn due to health, safety or muscular issues can be quite confronting… especially if in your younger years statement shoes where your “style statement”.

However, just because shoes need to have more support, smaller heels or no heel at all; does not mean you need to sacrifice your style.

This edition of On The Coast Magazine is all about “Fall Prevention”, so we thought we would share our tips on keeping you Stylish, Sexy & Stable with our Seven Style Suggestions:

  1. Start from the feet up when getting dressed. This is a game changer when you need comfort shoes as you can then match the rest of your outfit to your shoe and feel Stylish, Sexy & Stable all day long.
  2. Have a new “style statement”. If shoes where always your statement item in your wardrobe and what is on offer doesn’t feel as sexy as you would like opt for a different style statement that makes you feel fabulous. A few ideas to try; handbags, colour clothing, textures, earrings, necklaces, headwear.
  3. Try fashionable orthotic brands. Two of our favs brands are Bared and Frankie 4. While these shoes are not cheap they offer great support, long lasting comfort and they often feature the trending colours and styles.
  4. Ensure your shoes always match your outfit. This is why it is a great idea to start from the feet up. Nothing will let your look down more than having an “it will do” shoe in a wrong colour or style. If you don’t have a suitable shoe in the right colour, add it to the list and follow the next point.
  5. Figure out what shoe will go with more outfits. The secret behind always ensuring you have a pair of shoes to wear is determine where the gaps are in your wardrobe and what suits your style. Do you live an active/sporty lifestyle, then a sneaker with a pair of jeans and funky tee will be great. For a lunch and brunch look maybe a loafer with a tailored pant. For shopping days, you could opt for an ankle boot with a maxi dress and denim jacket.
  6. Don’t get the same shoe in different colours. When a shoe is comfortable, it can be easy to buy it in several colours however, this will end up leaving you feeling like your outfits always look the same. Opt for a few different styles, depending on your personal style this could include a wedge, sandal, boot, sneaker, loafer.
  7. Rotate your shoes on a daily basis. This is something our Nan (& Great Nan) taught us… don’t wear the same shoe two days in a row – and it works! Wearing a different shoe each day will use different muscles in your feet and prevent the over-use of a particular muscle group.

Now go out there, find yourself some stylish, sexy, stable shoes (or visit us and let us help you) and enjoy feeling the feeling of safe stability in style this ‘Fall Prevention” season.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods xx