Sam’s 5 “Self Love” Style Tips

February 29, 2024

Recently Sam aired on 104.5 Star FM with Gina & Matty for “Galentines” Day (listen to the interview HERE!)and shared her 5 “Self Love” Style Tips on the Star 104.5FM Blog. We wanted to share them here with all of you too!

You can read the tips below:


Live In The Moment With Acceptance & Gratitude – don’t let your age, size, financial situation, (education) define you! Love who you are where you are now – not what you use to look like 10 years ago, or if you were 5 kilo heavier or lighter or with no lines on your face – accept what you are and what you have now at this point in time, be grateful and learn how to dress and style your shape and personality with items that truly express and compliment your uniqueness. Don’t compare your self to ANYONE even the younger you! 

Manifest and Vision Board Your Dream Outfit or Style – Really unlock what you love NOT what others love for you or how you think others expect you to look. Watch your personal style come to life with confidence and how the items you need suddenly appear as you gather images and words that resonate with you! (talk about Gina & Matty’s boards I did for the photo shoot??) 

Play Stylist For A Day!Try putting some items together from your wardrobe that you haven’t worn together before – maybe try some ankle boots with a maxi skirt instead of your slides! Or a linen blazer with your jeans instead of a denim jacket!

Treat Your Self! This tells your subconscious mind “I am worth this” – doesn’t have to cost either…a bath by candle light or a DIY facial or mani/pedi. Show yourself some love by putting time aside just for you!

#DressUpItFeelsGood – This is a mantra I invented years ago…you can never be over dressed, only inappropriately dressed”. If doing the groceries and grabbing a coffee is the highlight of your week then pop on your cutest dress with a pair of sneakers or slides, a cross body bag and hoop earrings or for the guys instead of singlet, boardies and thongs try some denim shorts, a graphic tee, loafers and rock your style up and down every isle! Nothing inappropriate about that outfit. Don’t save your “good things” only for special occasions…everyday is special, we don’t get them back. 

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Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x