Summer Sundaze Oil Blend


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Summer Sundaze combines the notes of magnolia, vanilla, and lemon in a melodic harmony of sensory bliss and rejuvenation. As the golden rays of the sun wraps around you, a benevolent union with the warmth unfolds, welcoming the feeling of Summer’s nostalgia.

Magnolia, with it’s captivating essence, awakens the childlike wonder within your heart, infusing your days with joy and a sense of awe. It’s delicate fragrance, intertwined with the dance of summer’s light, fills the air with a cheerful aroma that evokes happiness and contentment.

Vanilla, like a sweet embrace from nature, heightens your senses and adds a touch of indulgence to each moment. It’s alluring scent lingers, intertwining with the zesty delight of lemon, creating a symphony of invigorating freshness. Together, they awaken your spirit and ignite a vibrant energy within.

Lemon trees as their essence infuse the air with a tangy zest that invigorates your soul. As the scent of lemon surrounds you, it’s refreshing touch revives your mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and bewitched from the bright yellow jewels adorning the branches above.

As you pause and immerse yourself in the calmness that Sunday brings, time pleasantly passes by. It is within this synergistic fusion of scents that each note expresses itself in a perfect dance. They uplift your mood, nurturing a sense of restfulness and fulfillment. Connecting you with the transformative power of nature, encouraging contentment and a deeper appreciation for the present moment.

These three delightful essences, simmered in sunshine, fill your days with cheer and fun. Take in the sublime scents, relish in their zesty and serene fragrance, and allow them to guide you on an exciting journey of a never ending summer.

Size :  18ml

Every bottle has a poem inscribed on the back, to ensure your oil is kept in a healing, harmonious and nourishing space ready to share it’s invigorating properties with you.