Serendipity Oil Blend


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Serendipty, a vibrant and spritely citrusy freshness with a hint of tropical temptation. Every note resonates with the promise of joyful discovery. These exquisite essences, unlock the wondrous secrets of life creating spontaneous miracles to uplift your day.

Bergamot, with it’s sunny disposition, infuses your days with a burst of positivity and joy. It’s citrusy and floral notes create an atmosphere of freshness and inspiration that fills your heart with gratitude.

Lemongrass, like a radiant beam of light, awakens your senses and enlivens your spirit. It’s zesty and lemony fragrance energizes your being, leaving you refreshed and renewed as you skip through life with a newfound vitality.

The lime, both in it’s traditional and Tahitian variations, adds a vibrant touch to the symphony of scents. Lime’s tangy aroma brightens your mood and illuminates your day. Tahitian lime, with it’s exotic allure, carries you away to distant shores, infusing your spirit with adventure and exploration.

Grapefruit fills the air with it’s exhilarating and sunny scent that transports you to paradise. It offers a delightful surprise, a reminder of the beautiful moments that serendipity can bring.

Together, these harmonious essences guide you to trust in the lessons that life presents and welcome the unexpected with open arms. Celebrate the joyful miracles of serendipity and allow the inspiring scents to fill your days with magical surprises.

Size :  18ml

Every bottle has a poem inscribed on the back, to ensure your oil is kept in a healing, harmonious and nourishing space ready to share it’s invigorating properties with you.