Rapture Oil Blend


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Rapture’s fragrant elixir, holds the beauty of the sacred blue lotus gem. A mystical treasure bestowed from the ancient shores of the Nile.  The aquatic notes unite with hints of sweet floral and earthy undertones. It’s otherworldly presence serves as a pillar of light, effortlessly harmonizing intuition and enlightenment, guiding us to self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

Exuding elegance and grace, the magnolia envelops the senses with it’s timeless beauty. It’s velvety petals release a fragrance that is both delicate and captivating, reminiscent of a tranquil garden adorned with opulent blooms. It’s purpose serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the vast web of existence.

Coconut, the nurturing essence of sun-kissed shores, surrounds us in it’s sweet embrace, bringing happiness and bliss. The intoxicating scent of coconut invites you to partake in the simple pleasures of life. A reminder of far-off destinations, allowing you to experience a touch of paradise, no matter where you are.

Vanilla, a scent of pure indulgence, gently caresses the senses with a familiarity that brings a smile to your soul. It’s presence adds depth and warmth, leaving a lasting impression on the heart. It is a soothing balm, a sweet escape that invites us to relish in the joy of the here and now.

May Chang dances amongst the mist, with vibrant energy and a zest for life. It fills the air with an invigorating liveliness that sparks a sense of adventure and curiosity. May Chang’s unique blend of lemony freshness and herbal sweetness creates an exquisite olfactory experience. Inviting us to immerse in nature’s bounty and bask in the delightful symphony of its sprightly notes.

And then, the enchantress of the senses, ylang ylang. She casts her spell of sensuality and infatuation. At first breath, ylang ylang draws you in with her elegant sweetness, reminiscent of blooming flowers on a moonlit night. The scent of ylang ylang  carries romance and love, like a whispered promise of rapturous evenings and passionate encounters.

Together, these botanical marvels create moments of boundless wonders and ecstatic bliss that etch themselves into the fabric of our memories. The air is imbued with the gentle essence of blossoming flowers, a delicate breeze that carries us to celestial heights. In this feeling of rapture, we discover liberation, euphoria, and the essence of our true selves.

Size :  18ml

Every bottle has a poem inscribed on the back, to ensure your oil is kept in a healing, harmonious and nourishing space ready to share it’s invigorating properties with you.