Make It Through Menopause In Style eGuide


Menopause is not a dirty word and the symptoms are not something we should be embarrassed or ashamed of having to deal with.

I believe it is time to change the conversation, remove the stigma and turn this natural stage of life into something we should feel proud and positive about being able to experience.

This eGuide was written to accompany a workshop Sam held “Making Menopause Stylish” where she shared her experiences, tips and “tools” that have helped her in the hope to help other women navigate this stage of life as stylishly and confidently as possible.

Let’s face it, if we are fortunate enough to reach this stage of life it will happen to every woman.

Sam says “it is time to make Menopause stylish!”

We hope you enjoy this 15 page guide for “Making It Through Menopause In Style”!