HER CHOCOLATE Salted Caramel


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Her Chocolate Salted Caramel has all the benefits of of the original with a delicious smooth caramel flavour.

Her Chocolate was designed specifically to fulfil and support your body’s cycle naturally. The herbs infused in Her Chocolate are Shatavari and Licorice Root which are both hugely beneficial for women’s reproductive health. This 70% dark chocolate uses the finest cacao, with zinc, iron and magnesium, which our body needs during our period. Her Chocolate is able to support you in gaining these vital nutrients.

Shatavari is known as a gift bestowed upon us by mother earth and licorice root is one of the most extensively utilised and scientifically studied botanical healers. These incredible herbs remedy many conditions in females ranging from young, middle-aged and elderly. With Shatavari and Licorice Root may you transition through the natural phases of life gracefully.

Benefits of Her Chocolate include support of:
– Relief of PMS & Mood Swings- Naturally balanced hormones, as the herbs find balance between estrogen and progesterone.
– Relief of cramping and abdominal pain- Licorice Root is a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing the severity of periodic contractions and muscular discomfort
– Supports menopausal women by reducing frequency of hot flushes and balancing hormones for better psychological health.
– Calms the nervous system. Assists in regaining vital nutrients that are naturally lost in the process of your menstrual cycle.



Natural, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar-Free.

Cacao Mass, Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar, Sunflower lecithin, Licorice Root, Shatavari, Caramel Essence, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt