“Brand It, Baby” The eBook


Includes: 4 beautifully styled and formatted Modules with 200+ pages of lessons, downloads, worksheets, templates, colour and design charts, Sam’s personal shares, client “success stories” and so much more!

In this book you are going to discover some pretty amazing insights into how to build an awesome Brand. I know this because it is what I have achieved and also helped many clients do the same the past two decades.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, business owner, career person or someone who knows there is something they can do to make a difference in this world, you all have one thing in common.

A Vision.

For some this vision may be to sell a product or service that they believe to be good and helpful. While to others it may be a vision to be seen for the qualities they can bring to a company, organisation, business or the world.

No matter what your WHY is, this “interactive” book will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to stand out and build something uniquely yours.

Module One – CREATE
In this module you will discover why branding is essential to success, uncover the formula behind brand success, define the brand of you and attract your ideal clients.
Module Two – BUILD
In this module you will unlock your brand and it’s potential, learn the three elements you must have to build your brand, discover your brand’s inspiration and execute it with confidence and conviction.
Module Three – DESIGN
In this module you will learn what brand styling really is, discover your brand’s personal style, choose your winning colour palette and learn how to put it all together.
Module Four – MARKET
In this module you will create your own brand guide, learn how to style you and your team, perfect your photo shoot to ensure you love the results and discover how to stay appealing and connected to your audience.

“An irresistible disrupter who’s going to shake your perception of what it means to “Brand It, Baby!.”

– Jason Van Genderen – Treehouse Creative