Picking The Perfect Hat

April 29, 2022

(As written for On The Coast Over 55 Pg 19)

Hats are becoming more and more prominent in everyday wear in recent times and not only for protection but also as a style accessory. They are also perfect for those “bad” or “need a wash” hair days as they can take your look from drab to fab in a matter of minutes!

This Winter, headwear is also a key fashion accessory, thus creating a modern interest to an outfit. This article we hope to take some of the stress out of hat shopping with our tips and tricks on how to pick and wear the perfect hat for you this season.


The “Trucker” Cap with it’s frayed edges and rustic appeal is the new alternative to a more sporty baseball cap and will instantly give a modern, chic look to your more casual items.

The Fedora is still on trend but in a felt or wool to give your style a boho or “festival” feel! Add some leather plaiting or a scarf around the crown of the hat to personalise your Fedora to the style of your outfit.

The Bucket Hat is like a cross between a beanie and a hat making it easy to wear indoors and out due to its small brim. This style is a personal favourite of Sam’s as it can be folded into a bag and pulled out easily when travelling or for those unexpected road trips! Choose from cord, cotton, felt or wool depending on the look you are wanting.

3 Common Q&A’s:

As Stylists the most common questions we are asked about wearing a hat as a style piece are;

What style hat should I wear for my face shape?

  • Ensure the crown of a hat is not too high or too flat. Oval faces look best in a more shallow crown so they don’t add unnecessary length to the face shape. Round faces suit an angled or square style crown and square face shapes are best in a softer, more rounded crown.
  • Always make sure the brim of the hat is no wider than your shoulders
  • If you feel that a cap or hat style “squashes” you, opt for a design with more angles, height in the crown and/or a raised or upturned brim/peak

What style hat should I choose?

This will largely depend on the style you are trying to achieve and the occasion. However, regardless of those two things the below must be taken into consideration;

  • Always opt for a colour that perfectly compliments your complexion’s warm or cool undertone and intensity. The wrong colour can make any blemishes, “crinkles” or dark circles appear more prominent. This could leave you looking and feeling drawn and tired. Also choosing a hat from your colour palette will ensure it will match and work well with other items in your wardrobe.
  • Ensure the brim of a hat is not too small nor too large for your frame. A hat that is not a good balance with your stature can create a bad distraction and look quite unflattering.
  • Your hat should fit well and feel comfortable; not too small nor too big
  • Consider the material of your hat. How will it be stored? Do you need a hat that can be folded and put into a handbag?

Should I wear a hat indoors?

There is a common misconception and stigma around hats indoors and to be honest, the discussion is still open for debate. As stylists we believe that if you are not being rude or disrespectful, then hats have a place indoors. However, there are a few things to consider;

  • Be respectful – if you are in a Country Club or RSL, then you should pay your respects and remove your hat
  • Ensure your eyes are easily seen; this creates a sense of security and trust with those around you
  • Make sure your hat is appropriate to the occasion. For example a very wide brim hat may look silly if you are sitting in a restaurant and it could also be annoying to the person sitting next to you!

Happy hat wearing!

Sam & Jordi xx