Men’s Stress Free Style Tips

August 26, 2023

(As written for On The Coast Over 55’s)

Our experience as stylists has taught us that when shown how to, guys love to feel confident and good in what they wear just as much as our female clients.

Sure many men may not be as caught up in what is “trending” or needing something “new” as much as some of our female clients may, but this doesn’t mean the guys don’t want a wardrobe full of items they can throw on and feel fabulous in for every occasion.

Even though the media may not target the guys and play on their image insecurities as much as they do women, men still have societal pressures to look and feel a certain way too. Add to that most men aren’t “shoppers” (see fact below) then it is no wonder getting dressed can just get too hard leaving them to revert back to their old and faithful tee and shorts that has served them for the last decade!

DID YOU KNOW…Over 80% of purchases and the influence over a purchase is made by women!

Now before we go further…this is not an article where we want to generalise, so if you are a male or identify as one and you happen to love shopping and putting outfits together then we hope the below tips can broaden your fashion and dressing skills or at least give you some fresh ideas!

However, if you are a male or identify as one and shopping and dressing can be a chore or something you aren’t confident doing we hope our “stress free style” tips can take some of the hard work out of these tasks and leave you feeling good next time you have to reach into your wardrobe.

When we style our male clients we like to keep it short, sweet and straight to the point. Our experience has shown us that the boys just love to “get the job done” with as little fuss as possible so we have done the same with out tips below;

Stress Free Style Tips:

  • Don’t wear your shorts too long if you have a long upper body. This could make you look and feel “squatty”. Instead opt for a shorter length short and a top that finishes just below your stomach. 
  • Be aware that shoulders in suit jackets, tees and shirts sit in line with your shoulder. You don’t want them to sit too wide or too narrow, ill fitting garments are a bad distraction and won’t feel comfortable.
  • If you have a bit of a tummy, don’t hide under too much fabric. TIP: opt for shirt styles that have shaping in the back not a tuck or pleat. As this will contour and create shape to the body not add extra bulk. 
  • If your style is carefree and causal, look at updating your shoes each season. TIP: opt for a slide instead of thongs or a coloured lace up sneaker instead of a boat shoe.
  • To make your legs look longer match your pants to your shoes and socks e.g. black pants, black shoes and socks or navy pants, black shoes and socks.
  • If you have a funky/quirky style and your body balance allows, swap a black shoe for a tan shoe with your navy pants
  • Don’t be afraid to cuff up your jeans if it suits your body balance and team them back with Birkinstocks for a coastal look or a sneaker for a casual look
  • Try a linen button thru shirt instead of a tee for a relaxed casual outfit with jeans or shorts
  • Experiment with different types of hats e.g caps, fedoras, bucket hats to add interest and a new look to your basic wardrobe items
  • If you are not a shopper always buy quality over quantity to ensure items last season after season. This will mean you can shop less often but not have to sacrifice your style.
  • To minimise ironing, hang tees on padded hangers opposed to folding them
  • Layering a linen shirt over a tee with a pair of chino shorts and a smart casual sneaker is a great way to not be too underdressed or over dressed for those times when an appropriate dress code isn’t defined.
  • Let your style show through with graphic tees, necklaces, wrist wraps
  • Don’t go too small in your clothes or tight in your clothes. It can be a bad distraction if pockets are pulling or jackets won’t button up easily.
  • Have a colour theme to your wardrobe, this will ensure everything mixes and matches (it can also help those who are colourblind). For example black, white, navy, red for a strong, cool palette or khaki, navy, tan, cream for an earthy, warm palette 
  • If you do like to play with your clothes stick to the Three Colour Rule i.e don’t wear more than three colours at one time (a coloured pattern tee is classified as one colour!)
  • As an alternative to a denim jean you could try opting for a cargo pant or linen pant for a weekend or relaxed look
  • Swap out your classic black or white tee for a colour or print one!
  • Try other colours than blue for your denim jeans and jackets. For example white, black, khaki or chocolate. These new shades will also work back with your blue denim if “double blue denim” is too much for you.
  • If it is flattering to your body shape try tucking shirts or tees into your pants, jeans or shorts and accessorise with a nice belt.

We hope these tips and some of the images we have selected help take the stress out of getting dressed or have given some new ideas of ways to approach your style.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x