Make Up Tips For Mature Faces

June 30, 2023

 (As written for On The Coast Over 55)

Many clients come to us in frustration after watching Online Make Up Tutorials and not being able to perfect the technique or mimic what is being taught. This can often leave them feeling deflated and that they are not “doing it right”.

We tailor our Make Up Lessons to different ages, skill techniques, the duration someone wants to spend on doing their make up each day, their eye shape, face shape and skin tone. Just like styling, there is no “one size fits all rule” when it comes to Make Up application.

This article we want to share with you some tips on Make Up For Mature Faces + A Few Ways To Modernise Your Look With Colour.

~ throw out the belief that you are “too old to wear make up”. When you wear a good quality make up that is right for your skin tone and skin type, you should look fresh, rejuvenated and “softer”. It is often when you wear the wrong colour and product type that you can get a “mask” appearance and it can look “cake-y”. TIP: if you have a dry skin opt for make up with more hydration and cream formulations opposed to powdered foundations.

~ look at your skill set and visual capabilities. Often clients want to learn to do eye make up, yet, they are unable to apply make up without their glasses. This can be a real issue for many, if this is you TRY: investing in a magnifying mirror or keep eye make up neutral and to a minimum i.e a smear of shimmer across the eyelid.

~ don’t discount shimmer as a “young person’s product”. Shimmer can actually add radiance and lift to the face. Applying a soft shimmer eye shadow to the lid of the eye can open up and lighten the eyes while a “glowy” blush can give a “sun kissed” sparkle to the cheeks. TIP: don’t apply too much of either product and ensure you apply blush on the apple of the cheek (sweeping it towards the centre of the ear), not on the upper cheekbone (that is where your highlighter goes).

~ less is more! Make up is there to enhance your features or conceal the odd breakout and minimise dark circles, not to mask your features or natural beauty. TIP: be sure to apply your make up in light layers ensuring you don’t go too heavy handed on a particular product as this may detract from your natural beauty leaving only the makeup on show.

~ update your make up look with modern and trending hues (if this is your style!) and have fun and match your nail polish. Pictured, Sam shows us how her new shade of khaki nails and metallic eyeshadows update her winter wardrobe opposed to a nude shade. TIP: only wear colours that are right for your colour palette, if you choose the wrong colours it can cause a bad distraction.

~ don’t wear an eyeliner without a mascara! Eyeliner can often close the eyes in, so a mascara is needed to open the eyes back up to create a fresh and alert look. TIP: if you like the look of eyeliner but don’t have a steady hand or great eyesight, use a dark eye shadow to mimic the effect of an eyeliner.

Have fun, experiment and practise, practise, practise your make up!

If you really struggle, invest in a professional Make Up Lesson and let someone teach you a quick, easy and effective way to do your make up that is perfect for your face shape and skill set.

We hope these tips have helped and inspired you to clean up your makeup brushes, sort through your makeup draw, try something new and get creative with your make up looks.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods xx