It’s Time To Feel Fabulous

February 9, 2022

(As written for On The Coast Families)

If 2021 taught us anything is that we don’t know what is around the corner…

For myself, and many others it also taught us the art of slowing down, re-connecting with ourselves and putting our mind, body, spirit and health as a priority.

As we are already into 2022 don’t try to make up for lost time or put pressure on yourself to get back to your pre-covid weight, style and mindset… accept where you are and read on for ways to feel fabulous as we embark on the rest of the year.

During lockdown there were things we all loved and loathed, I want you to write a list of all the things you loved during this time…

What is there on this list that you have forgotten to do and/or put on the back burner since “getting back to your old life”?

A few common ones are:

  • exercising/ daily walks
  • taking time to indulge in a bath
  • sitting around the table with family for dinner
  • regular phone calls to friends
  • diy mani/pedi

I encourage you to set yourself the goal of doing ONE of the things on your list each week! Slowly allow time for yourself and welcome all the things that bring you joy.

When it comes to dressing, a really common concern we have heard amongst clients post lockdown is the fear of dressing up again. For so many months we sported trackies, gym wear and pyjamas and now when it comes to going out; wearing a pair of sandals and statement earrings can feel over the top.

As Sam always says “You can never be overdressed, only inappropriately dressed”.

3 Things To Try:

  • #DressUpItFeelsGood and embrace all the beautiful pieces in your wardrobe that may have been neglected the last few years. When you go and get your groceries do not be afraid to put on a pair of colourful earrings with your maxi dress or a pair of blingy sandals with your shorts and linen shirt.

  • Re-introduce or get creative with colour! Colour has the power to lift our mood, so if you want to feel fabulous invest in colours that energise you and are perfect for your colour palette and personality.

  • Accept that things are different and that is okay! You do not need to be who you were in 2021 nor do you need to do what you did in 2021. Embrace the fact that 2022 is a new year, but also ensure you don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve everything, make up for lost time and be “perfect”.

As we continue into 2022 I want you to remember… “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” [Aurthur Ashe] and work up the confidence to become who you want to be.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x