How To Look Good In Photos

October 26, 2022

(As Written For Families On The Coast) How many times have you had someone take a photo with you in it and you’ve cringed at the outcome?

Many of us don’t like to have photos taken however, the cold hard fact is these photos capture moments and memories and are lovely to have.

Imagine if you liked the photos of yourself, chances are you wouldn’t mind having your photo taken at family gatherings, special occasions or just for fun with friends.

If you are like us and need images for your work then it is probably non negotiable and you just have to be photographed – whether you like the results or not. Therefore, knowing some simple tips and tricks will definitely be beneficial. The past few decades we have worked with many professional photographers and also had to have candid non-professional selfies and pictures taken for our social media feeds for our business. So we have definitely learnt some “tricks of the trade” and how NOT to look good lessons too.

We believe everyone should have the luxury of owning some nice memory shots of themselves. So we are sharing a few some simple tricks and tips on “how to look good in photos”. Time to love the outcome of those “happy snaps” and feel good enough to want to share them with your family and friends.

When being photographed:

  • Opt for clothing that skims the silhouette, this will avoid adding unnecessary bulk and making you look any bigger than you are
  • Be aware of fabric textures and avoid shiny, metallic, satin or reflective fabrics as they can catch the light and appear unflattering
  • Ensure you are wearing colours that compliment your skin tone and features as this will make you look more radiant, healthy and vibrant
  • To give the face a nice shape, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you smile – many models do this!
  • Avoid a double chin or your face appearing fuller by slightly jutting your chin forward. It will feel odd but trust us it looks good on camera!
  • In group photos avoid a dead front-on stance, turn your body on a slight angle as this will create a nice shape to the silhouette
  • Placing the hands on the hips and pointing the fingers downwards will create a slimmer waist
  • Think of a happy moment or someone you love when you smile, this help you relax and your smile comes through your eyes

When it comes to great photos there is so much to consider; lighting, angles, stances/poses but hopefully these tips help you feel good when you next get those “happy snaps” with your loved ones.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x

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