How To Feel Fabulous At Functions When Your Over 55

March 4, 2022

(A written for On The Coast Over 55 Magazine)

Do you get ready for en event, feel comfortable in what you are wearing only to turn up at the venue and feel frumpy, out of place compared to those around you or too over the top?

Many clients come to us for guidance on what to wear as Mother Of The Bride along with outfits for birthdays, dinner dates, work functions, charity events and day to day styling… The biggest concern we hear is they don’t want to feel “frumpy” or dress up too much and look like “mutton dressed as lamb”.

Read our tips below to ensure you don’t second guess your choices when you go to your next function.

Ways To Ensure You Don’t Look “Frumpy”:

  • Don’t go too safe; this will age you quicker than anything
  • Wear something that is modern/trending/fashionable; such as a new season colour, print or accessory
  • Ensure clothing is not too baggy or ill fitting
  • Look for clothing that caters for your “style” demographic, not your “age” demographic. Just because you are a certain age does not mean you have to shop in certain stores
  • Show off your silhouette with items that flatter your figure (a VC Body analysis can be a great tool here)
  • Always have a focal point to your outfit
  • Make an effort to do your hair and make up

Ways To Ensure You Don’t Look “Mutton Dressed As Lamb”:

  • Don’t over accessorise; have 2 -3 “style statements” i.e items of clothing, shoes, bag, accessories, hairstyle, make up
  • Don’t have any bad distractions i.e plunging necklines or mini skirts if they are not areas you wish to show off on your silhouette
  • Don’t apply excess make up or wear the wrong colour (a VC Deluxe Colour Analysis can help here)
  • If wearing a vintage piece, don’t wear it the same as you did in previous decades
  • Ensure you abide by the dress code. If you don’t know what the code is, always ask
  • Stick to your style and don’t try to be something you’re not

Remember whatever the occasion you are getting dressed for : “You can never be overdressed, only inappropriately dressed” – Sam Woods

We hope these tips give you the confidence to step outside your comfort zone, try something new and make you feel comfortable and appropriate while looking fabulous at your next function.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x