Feel Good and Look Great..even on a budget!

August 5, 2022

With all of the demands life can put on our time AND budget it is no wonder many women and mums find themselves putting their needs way down the priority line.

This is not only unfair it is also not a healthy way to value oneself. Being a Mum to adult children I know only to well how true this can be. I (Sam) can clearly remember times when buying a new outfit or having a beauty treatment or hair cut was not something that I could do without thinking or budgeting way in advance.

I have to say working in the fashion industry for over 35 years (much of when my kids were very young) I earned my reputation as “queen of budget style” first hand. Even today, when I don’t have to think as much when shopping for something for myself I still love a bargain! As long as an item fits well, feels fabulous and is good value then I don’t care where I bought it…in fact the overalls in this image are from Best & Less and I have worn them to death!

Below are some of my quick and simple tips and “style hacks” to feel and look good on a budget that I personally love to do and find my clients love to try also!

Invest In A Hat Or Cap – It will give your outfit a bit of a wow factor plus they are awesome when you don’t have time to style your hair!

Do A Style Swap – If you are on a budget (or even if you aren’t) raiding a friend’s wardrobe and letting them do the same to yours is not only fun it is great for the environment too! Sharing clothes means they get worn more hence, keeping them out of landfill for longer.

Think Outside The Wardrobe – It isn’t always what we wear that makes us feel stylish. Sometimes just styling our hair in a different way can give us a lift and it doesn’t cost anything except maybe the price of a few bobby pins. There are some great “hair hacks” on the internet these days.

Get Out Of Your Exercise Gear – It is too easy to fall into the trap that for comfort you need to wear your tights. Grab a pair of your dressy pants or a maxi dress and team them back with a sneaker to dress them down. Or add an old work Blazer back with your pull on pants and a tee for a relaxed but structured style. Unless you are cleaning then why not wear your “good” clothes any and everyday!

Flat Lay & Photograph Outfits – This is something clients actually pay us to do for them because it not only saves them time of a morning getting dressed, it also stops the “what to wear” dilemma that can be frustrating and depressing. Having images of outfit suggestions on hand is a great reference if you get invited somewhere at the last minute too as it not only means you don’t have to panic with “what will I wear” it also stops those impulse buys. Flat laying and “playing stylist” in your closet could possibly unlock items that you forgot you had or make you see them in a whole new light not just they way you have always worn them.

TIP: When flat laying outfits be sure to add in accessories and shoes. It is all about creating a total look!

Make A Shopping “wish list” – This helps stop those purchases that may seem like a bargain but are really not what your style needs at the moment. When making your wish list use pictures and even Brands you may not be able to afford, that way you will be able to keep an eye out for less expensive copies. This process also works on the law of attraction…watch how quickly items “jump” out at you at the shops or online that you may have other wise missed.

Create A Style Vision Board – We do this a lot for clients in our “Style Update” session as it helps bring to life the pieces, colours and styling you may not normally see yourself wearing. Having images of other people wearing outfits you love is a great way to “mimic” looks and imagine them in your wardrobe. It is also a visual reference as to the types of items you are attracted too so when you come across these pieces you know they will work back for the look you are trying to achieve.

Feeling and looking our best does take some effort but it doesn’t have to be expensive or overly time consuming. A little pre planning and prioritising some “you time” can pay dividends in the long run. I have always said “if Mumma ain’t happy ain’t no one happy” so think about your “you time” as a gift to everyone as you won’t be the only one benefitting! 🙂

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi xx