March 19, 2024

Let me ask you this… “When was the last time you went out and dressed up?”

Now, let me ask you… “When was the last time you left the house?”

One final question… “When you left the house, why didn’t you dress up?”

We have received so much feedback lately that “people aren’t going anywhere, so they don’t have the need to dress up”.

We are here to tell you, that every time you leave the house, is an opportunity to dress up!!

If you have beautiful clothes that you love to wear and you go grocery shopping, this is an opportunity to wear them.

If you have a handbag that you love and you go out for coffee, this is a change to carry it.

Those stunning earrings that you bought that you’re dying to wear, lunch with the girls is the perfect place to showcase them.

Our point is, whatever your day to day involves, take the chance to Dress Up, as it Feels Good!!

The secret to not looking too over the top is appropriateness. 

Wear garments that are appropriate to the situation. Don’t go wearing a pair of high heel stilettos to the farmers market, however, there is nothing inappropriate about wearing a sundress and a pair of wedges.

“My friends [or people around me] make me feel like I am too overdressed” is a really common phrase that clients share with us. And to that we share Sam’s quote “You can never be over dressed, only inappropriately dressed”.

Chances are, if you are meeting friends for brunch, they too would like to get dressed up and make use of the beautiful items that are in their wardrobe. So why not make a thing of it, call each other and plan your outfits, it will ensure you don’t feel too over the top or too casual.

Don’t waste a day of being stylish, because you feel intimated by other people dressing down.

We give you permission to #DressUpItFeelsGood, put on your favourite skirt and go and pick up your loaf of bread this week.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi xx