DIY Fashion Fun With The Kids

November 29, 2023

As written for On The Coast Families

Did you know a child’s personal style can start to show through from a very early age?

Regardless of how a child identifies, below we have a really fun, educational and “hands on” activity to do with them to help nurture their personality and personal style that can result in a better understanding of what they like to wear, why and what to buy them.

In our previous articles you may have read about “Vision Boarding” and creating your style words as an adult – the concept where you go online or search through magazines to collect images of styles you like, looks that inspire you, accessories, textures, colours and also gather words that best describe your personal style and personality – or how you wish to identify and be seen. As this is one of our most successful “styling tools” we use with our clients we thought it could be fun and helpful to adapt this concept for your little ones.

This activity we have for the youth in your life is quite similar to the concept we use in our business however, this adaptation is much more hands on and tactile!


  • Sheet of paper or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pens/pencils/textas
  • Glitter/sand/ribbons etc – anything tactile that your child likes that can be attached to your paper/cardboard
  • Old magazines
  • Print outs of images found online
  • Coloured squares
  • Printed paper
  • Fabric scraps


  • Get ready to create a fashion fun mess!
  • Lay down your sheet of paper or cardboard and allow this to be the basis of your fashion collage.
  • Get your child to give you any photos that that they like of fashion, flowers, shapes, colours, things that are tactile, colours they find appealing, fabrics they like, ABSOLUTELY anything that makes them happy or they resonate with!
  • Glue all the elements down and collage their personal style findings.
  • Ask your child for words that describe them i.e fun, bold, quiet, happy, gentle and write these words down on the collage. Pay extra attention to these words as they will give you an understanding of them. For example, if your child says they are quiet and gentle, chances are putting them in loud, colourful, bold prints will not align with their little style, you would be better opting for prints and colours that are softer, more subtle and not too over the top. Also look at the colours they choose that they like; they may not be the colours you like, but these are what they are drawn to – so listen to what they are showing you.
  • Once you have let your masterpiece dry, you can hang it up in their wardrobe and when they go to get dressed, you can help them or let them create outfits that look like the board they created. By doing this you are encouraging their inner beauty and individual personal style to show through. Giving them the confidence to feel comfortable in who they are!
  • It is also a great idea to take a photo of your child’s collage, that way, when you are shopping you can use it as a guide to buy what they like.

We hope this exercise is a way for you to connect with your little one, do some school holiday craft and start to understand why they like the clothes they like and may not always want to wear what you pick out for them.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x