Discover Your Style Identity. No matter How You Identify!

August 11, 2023

(Written for On The Coast Families)

The beauty about discovering your true style is that it enables you to be authentically YOU on your terms!

When a human can express, dress and present themselves in a manner that allows them to be honest and unapologetically authentic to themselves, that is when true confidence and being comfortable in one’s skin can really happen.

Yes, there are occasions and times when a dress code needs to be considered and appropriate to an occasion BUT that doesn’t not mean one’s identity and style identity need to be sacrificed, changed or disregarded.

Personal style, taste and choices can be discovered from as young as 3 years old…. Yes, as soon as a little human can communicate what they find appealing they will start to choose their own clothes and express what they do and don’t like. Naturally, at this age they do not know appropriate to a situation styling however, they often know if something feels nice to the touch, is in a colour they find attractive or enticing and often their taste in style can start to show through too. 

No matter how you currently identify or wish to identify in the future, it is important to unlock your personal style and find your “Style Words” so you can confidently apply them to your everyday life. Discovering these words is a way to showcase who you want to be and how you want to be seen to the outside world.

But how do you do this?

These are our 6 tips to help start you on your Style Identity Journey”.

1. List colours you like to wear or surround yourself with. For example do you enjoy colourful items, earthy tones, neutrals, monochrome combinations like Black and White OR a combination of a few or all of the listed options? If possible collect images of items in these colours and start to build a “colour collage” of your personal palette choices.

2. Do your research or let us help you; and discover the many different styles on offer i.e quirky, elegant, sexy, funky, minimalistic, edgy, bold, classic etc. Get familiar with them and what aligns with your soul and personality. (Often people have 3 – 5 “Style Words” to describe their style).

3. Look for / buy pieces that suit those style words i.e a classic neutral blazer is a must in a “minimalist” style however, for a “quirky” style, that would feel too simplistic, they would be better in a an orange blazer with some embellishments.

4. Don’t be influenced by those around you. Your style is YOUR OWN, so own it and create one that you love!

5. Create and photograph outfits in your wardrobe depicting the words that describe your style. Therefore, a “Classic, Simplistic, Sexy, Bold” style identity may do a pair of denim jeans (simplistic), a tailored blazer (classic) and metallic bag and kitten heel shoe (sexy) with a statement necklace and/or earrings (bold).

6. Acknowledge that you most likely will not “nail your style” first go and that is okay. It is a learning process and one you can experiment and have fun with at every stage of life and as your confidence builds. Also be aware that your style can evolve over time and to be honest, if you wish to stay modern and not appear outdated – it should!

We hope you have fun discovering your “Style Identity” and “Style Words” and if you do need help, we are always here with open arms, no judgement and a loving, safe space at our Style Studio.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi xx