Crochet 101 : How To Step Into This Trend, Without Looking Like You’re Stepping Back In Time

November 4, 2023

(As written for On The Coast Over 55’s)

It’s no secret that trends re-visit and rotate over time however, when they do there is always a “new” way to interpret, style and wear them. If you do happen to remember a trend or you have worn a type of garment previously (for example flare jeans) it is ok to wear them again now you are older BUT you must never wear them like you did when they were trending decades before. To ensure you look modern and you don’t look like you’re stuck in a time warp it is imperative that your “flare jeans” or revisited trends are styled differently to how you wore them in your younger years.

Crochet and cobweb weaves are making a real statement for Spring Summer ’24 in garments and accessories. If you have some original 70’s inspired crochet pieces from your youth, be sure to pull them out, but read on to see how you should wear them to ensure you look modern and not out dated. Alternatively, if you are looking at investing in some woven pieces these tips will help you gain maximum value for your new season purchases.

This season, to ensure you are wearing your crochet pieces “on trend” try some of the following style tips and ideas:

Head to toe neutrals is a timeless and chic way to play with textures and incorporate your 70’s inspired pieces into 2024. Combine mixes of crochet with linen, cotton and silk while sticking to shades of latte, mocha, taupe, beige, ivory, cream and white.  TIP: Add a touch of metallic for some depth and luxe.

Pop a bold colour underneath your crochet to make the pattern POP. This type of styling with bold hues is great for those who like contrast and intensity to an outfit. It is also a way you can play with coloured crochet pieces. TIP: Stick to the “three colour rule” and don’t wear more than three colours together at one time to ensure your outfit consists of just the right amount of “clash” styling of textures and colour; and doesn’t appear messy and uncoordinated.

Have your crochet as the statement item and keep the rest of your outfit simplistic. A great version of this is a black, navy or brown slip dress with a long line (or crop; depending on your body shape) crochet cardigan. TIP: Add a pair of statement earrings to finish off the outfit, while maintaining it’s simplicity.

Allow your crochet to compliment a print. This can be achieved in similar styling to the look above substituting a plain dress for a print dress. Another way your crochet can compliment a print is by accessories! Crochet belts, cuffs and handbags are a great way to incorporate this woven texture into your outfit without needing to purchase clothing. TIP: Ensure your crochet piece is in a colour that is featured in the print or at least tones with the print.

No matter how you style your crochet this season, be sure to have fun, wear shades that are right for you and express your personal style in your outfit creations.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x

*Accessory images featured are available at the VibrantConcepts Style Studio.