Coming In Red Hot

May 3, 2024

(As Written For On The Coast Over 55’s)

With the change of every season comes new injections of colour to ensure our wardrobes are re-energised and our style spirits are lifted to new heights.

This Autumn/Winter there are vivacious bold hues, earthy mixes of tonal colours and frosty pastel shades. However, one colour that is coming in “hot” and is making a strong comeback is Red!

Now, if you have some Red in your wardrobe from seasons gone by, get it out and if you don’t have any of this heart warming hue, then maybe you need to get your Red radar on next time you have the urge to add something new to your look this season.

Read on for how to wear this Winter’s hottest hue…

TIP : Any colour you wear should be perfect for your colour palette however, it is even more important when wearing bold hues. A super simple way to determine if a shade of Red is right for you is by holding the colour up to your face then closing your eyes and when you reopen your eyes notice what you see first – you or the colour? In theory, you should see you (especially your eyes!). If you notice the colour first then it may be the wrong shade for your complexion and features as it is detracting from your natural beauty, not enhancing it. When a colour enhances your natural beauty, you will see you and you will look more radiant and your complexion and features will appear brighter!

How To Wear Red For AW24:

This Winter there are two ways to wear Red… Head to toe or as an injection to an outfit.

Head To Toe styling is ideal for those who need low contrast colour combinations! Mix up to three shades of red together using hues such as crimson, chilli, ruby and scarlet.

Adding an injection of red into an outfit is great when high contrast is required. Bold pops of this fiery hue will add intensity to neutrals or an air of quirkyness to other bold shades such as Amethyst, Hot Pink and Lime.

Have fun with Red this AW24 and get creative, try new looks and let your fiery side explore this dramatic and timeless hue.

Vibrantly yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods x