“Brand It, Baby” The eBook

Over the past two decades my Branding systems and Styling techniques have been successfully applied to businesses ranging from; start ups to National and International companies to create and establish their own Brand success and niche in their fields.

In “Brand It, Baby!” The eBook I will teach you step by step how to build an authentic brand style that can position you uniquely in your market and ultimately help attract your ideal clients. I also share some personal stories of my successes and fails in the hope to inspire and/or assist you in your journey. You will soon realise that I am honest, raw and don’t wear rose coloured glasses when it comes to work ethic.

I truly believe in this world we do not gain anything be it; love, money, good health or fun times without first putting in the hard yards. I also believe in business you should never make a cent until you have helped someone or made a positive difference in the world, even if it is only in some small way.
Naturally, your journey will be different to mine, however, we will all have one common thread…to create our own authentic Brand Success that in turn, can make a positive difference in the world! 

Vibrant Concepts

“When I decided to launch my new design label – Wild. By Woods – I was so overwhelmed where to start, how it would look and how to differentiate it from my personal styling.

Working one on one with Sam and completing her Brand It, Baby eBook gave me the guidance, direction and accountability of what I needed my brand to look like, how it would make people feel and still be true to me.

If you have business or are part of a company be sure to check out Brand It, Baby The eBook. It is the book you need right now without realising it!

10/10 recommend the Brand It, Baby eBook!”

Wild. By Woods

“Brand It, Baby” The eBook

“Brand It, Baby!” The eBook is divided into 4 beautifully styled and formatted Modules with 200+ pages of lessons, downloads, worksheets, templates, colour and design charts, Sam’s personal shares, client “success stories” and so much more!


Module 1. Create – The Business Of Branding

Module 2. Build – Brand Creation

Module 3. Design – Styling Your Brand & You!

Module 4. Market – Bringing Your Brand To Life