Meet Sam

Director – Stylist – Presenter – Make Up Artist – Author – Entrepreneur

“You can never be over dressed only inappropriately dressed”

With over 35 years experience in both the fashion and cosmetics industries Sam has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Her passion for helping others feel good about themselves coupled with her natural flair for colour and style is why she started VibrantConcepts 25 years ago. Her vision was to create a place that would ensure clients have an experience that is both genuine and results oriented.

Sam’s motto is “you can never be over dressed only inappropriately dressed” and with this philosophy she helps clients present their best self to the world with confidence.

Sam describes her personal style as Modern, Dramatic, Natural, Luxe and she can’t wait to help you find your style too!

“I love your work Sam! Incredible what you do to empower women and raise their confidence and valuing of themselves”


VibrantConcepts founder Sam Woods opens up about what makes her so passionate about helping others see the best in themselves.