Why Fashion Colours Have No Age Limit.

August 13, 2022

(As written for On The Coast Over 55’s)

Myth : If you are of a certain age you should wear softer, pastels and neutral colours.

Fact : You can wear Fashion Colours no matter your age IF they are right for your colour palette and suit your personality.

So often society gets caught up in dressing for “age”, to look “youthful” or not “mutton dressed as lamb” and as a result women often end up wearing colours that leave them looking frumpy and drab and feeling blah.

Did You Know : Colour doesn’t discriminate against age!
There is NO AGE LIMIT to wearing fashion colours, you just need to find the right ones that enhance and not detract from your “natural beauty”. That being your complexion, eyes, personality and style.

Each season Pantone (the leaders in colour forecasting), overseas designers and artists introduce a new array of shades to wear and ways to wear them. These hues ultimately set the trends for both fashion and interior design. While it is great to look modern and on trend the secret to wearing these shades and trends successfully is adaptation. You need to adapt what is trending to suit you!

The way you adapt these trends is by translating the “trend makers” visions (which is our area of expertise) and you can find this information in the VC Style & Beauty Portal, at a personal Style Session, however, for a taster we have revealed a few of the keys colours in this article!

Once you have this information it is all about choosing the colours that you love but more importantly the colours that love you, then, add them to your wardrobe for instant, modern style.

Keep reading to find out more…

Determining The Best Shades Of Fashion Colours For You

Everyone can wear pink, the trick to finding a pink that is appropriate and doesn’t result in looking “mutton dressed as lamb” is determining if you need a warm or cool and soft or bright pink (this is what we specialise in at our VC Colour Analysis) and the colours that work best back with the hue. For example a Spring palette would wear a Warm Hot Pink with Olive whereas a Winter palette would wear a Cool Hot Pink with Black – regardless of their age.

Once you know the shades and tones of the Fashion Colours that are appropriate to you, it is all about having fun with your style and discovering new ways to implement these hues into our outfits or makeup.

Featured are 4 of the 10 key Fashion Colours that are trending for Spring/Summer 22/23.

Next time you think you are not “youthful” enough to wear a “fashion” shade remember “Colours don’t have an age limit, the only limit is the particular shade within your colour palette” and…how you style it!

Vibrantly Yours,

Sam & Jordi Woods xx